January 2020: Engineering update | Pearson qualifications

January 2020: Engineering update

6 January 2020

Read the latest information on Pearson BTEC Engineering qualifications.

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This update includes useful information about January/February external assessment series and training events available. 

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As you are aware, all secure test materials (live assessment materials) are now accessible only by exams officers and published in the secure tests page, rather than the course materials section of the qualifications pages. 

The update in the link below, would give you more information on secure tests and also the dates and times of the January/february 2020 external assessment series for Engineering qualifications. 

Read the January/February 2020 external assessment dates update

There are administrative support guides (ASGs) available for externally set tasks, supporting you in administering assessments effectively.

The ASGs and other useful external assessment materials, can be accessed online from the course materials section of the qualification pages. See relevant link for your qualifications below. 

There are 2 online network events for BTEC Engineering qualifications and a feedback event for BTEC Tech Award in Engineering, which you can book on to. These events are online. 

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All materials relating to Higher Nationals are now moved to HNGlobal. If you want to access materials such as the Pearson set theme documents, you will need to visit HNGlobal. 

HNGlobal is a very useful platform, in which both tutors and students can access teaching and learning resources, assessment materials, textbooks and more. 

Visit HNGlobal and create an account


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