BTEC Nationals in Engineering, Unit 6 Microcontrollers, further clarification to the additional SAM

11 April 2019

This update is to inform you about the further clarification to the additional SAM for Unit 6, which will be consistent in the live paper in Summer 2019 series.

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What has been added to the Additional SAM?

The following two clarifications have been made in the additional SAM Question paper. 

Page 5: a minimum has been added as below. 

To monitor the moulding procedure, One90 Mouldings has requested a prototype system that will, as a minimum:

Page 7: New paragraph added. 

The client has not specified all the prototype system’s functions and constraints. These other functions and constraints are for you, as the developer, to determine and justify. For example, the client has not given a specific polymer heating temperature for the prototype monitoring system (other than to state it must be demonstrated just above room temperature).

These additions have been made to further clarify information for learners and is in line with the live assessment in Summer 2019 series. 


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