International GCSE Economics: support for delivery

30 October 2023

Resources, both free and paid-for, which might support your teaching of International GCSE Economics.

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You may also be interested in a sister page which tries to support your understanding of the assessment of the qualification.

Free support

The qualification page provides:

  • a Getting Started Guide (which provides more detailed specification guidance)
  • an editable scheme of work
  • content from past training events

The recordings cover:

  • Welcome to Pearson
  • Getting Ready to Teach
  • Understanding assessment and improving delivery

International GCSE Economics is in the first group of subjects to make a modular route available to learners from September 2023.

This means that we will have both a modular and a linear route to achieve this qualification.

If you are happy with the linear approach, there is no need to move to the modular route; our linear International GCSEs will continue to be offered and taken widely by learners around the world. ‚Äč

However, if you believe the modular route will be of benefit to your learners, this will be available from September 2023 with the first exams in May/June 2024.

To help your planning we now have both a course planner and a scheme of work for the modular International GCSE in Economics.

There is a new, public, subject community where you will be able to see all posts without logging in, although you will need to log in with your Edexcel Online details to post a comment.

Teachers tend to think of using apps as teaching tools in the classroom. Yet, they can also be used for general tasks, such as workload management, productivity, and organisation.


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The Economics, Business and Enterprise Association (EBEA) is the professional subject association for everyone interested in the teaching and study of Economics, Business and Enterprise.

It is free to become a registered member and this gives you access to an archive of journals and articles which are older than one year. Paid membership (which is tax deductible) provides you with a monthly newsletter and a termly printed journal.

Paid-for support

There are details of the endorsed Student Book on the publisher pages, as well as an opportunity to download free sample pages.

Support for teachers also includes answers to the textbook activities as well as an Online Teacher Resource Pack.

Please contact your local Pearson consultant for purchasing options.

Time2 Resources have produced worksheets and presentations.


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