IAL Economics: support for delivery

Mon Jan 13 15:47:00 UTC 2020

IAL Economics: resources to support delivery

Resources, both free and paid-for, which might support your teaching of IAL Economics.

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You may also be interested in a sister page which tries to support your understanding of the assessment of the qualification.

Free support

The qualification page provides:

  • a Getting Started Guide (which provides more detailed specification guidance)
  • an editable scheme of work
  • content from past training courses


Our Getting Ready To Teach training aims to help you get started with the teaching of this qualification.

The training is available as a recording.

Keeping up to date

In addition, the following free resources allow you to access support in the form of case studies and up-to-date news stories:


We have a new, public, subject community where you will be able to see all posts without logging in, although you will need to log in with your Edexcel Online details to post a comment.

Paid-for support

There are two student books:

  • the IAS Student Book covers units 1 and 2
  • the IAL Student Book covers units 3 and 4

There is also an online Teacher Pack available on a subscription basis. The IAL Economics Teacher Pack is published and available to order. Please contact your local Pearson consultant for purchasing options.


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