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Tech Award Performing Arts - Component 3 2019 task

5 February 2019

This update contains feedback in response to the externally-set task for Component 3: Responding to a Brief (21117K) released in January 2019.

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Component 3: Responding to a Brief (21117K)

We have had some feedback in relation to the above set task brief. This brief is now available on our BTEC Tech Awards in Performing Arts specification page and can also be downloaded directly from this page:

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The brief is in the form of a commission by a national charity. They want to use the performing arts as part of their fundraising campaign.

We understand that our use of the term ‘disadvantaged’ within the brief has caused concern with some teachers. However, we believe this term is broad and has many definitions that can be explored and will lead learners to discover a range of factors which result in groups and individuals in society facing distinct disadvantages. There is potential therefore for learners to address the brief from any of a range of definitions of ‘disadvantaged’. We are not expecting that learners develop a creative response in relation to any particular disadvantage they themselves may be experiencing, though they may choose to do so.

This commission is based on the work of a real-life charitable organisation and is a valid scenario to which all learners can respond. It encourages the development of awareness of the lives and needs of disadvantaged groups and individuals and thus promotes inclusiveness and understanding of others.
The stimulus set by the charity is ‘Blank Canvas’. Learners should explore this term/analogy as part of their preparation and planning. Through research, discussion and exploration learners will unpick different interpretations of this phrase.

We will take into account the feedback that we have received, and respond directly to any concerns raised.

There will be no amendment or change to the brief or stimulus, but we are available to support and guide you through this first assessment should you require any clarification.

Best wishes,

Paul Webster
Subject Advisor


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