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November 2023 Drama update

8 November 2023

Dear colleagues,

I hope you and your students are enjoying this autumn term so far. 

If you ever need to get in touch, please use my details below.

Here is your November 2023 update with all the latest news on our GCSE and A level Drama and Theatre qualifications.
In this update you will find a lot of information on Component 2:

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Component 2 Examination for International Centres

GCSE Drama (1DR0/02) and A Level Drama & Theatre Studies (9DR0/02)

We are pleased to still be continuing to offer the option of hosting an examiner visit for the summer 2024 examination series.

The deadline to complete the form is 1 December 2023; if the form is completed after this date, we cannot guarantee any requests to host a visit.

Please complete the below form to confirm whether you will request to host an examiner visit or submit your work for assessment online via Learner Work Transfer.

Component 2 form

If you choose to request a visit, there are fees charged. Please refer to our guidance on this.

International visit requirements 2024

UK Centres Component 2 Requirement Form

For Component 2: Text in Performance, all Centres have the option between a live visiting examiner or a digital submitting via Learner Work Transfer for the Summer 2024 examination series.

We will allocate a visiting examiner based on the information supplied on the Visiting Examiner Requirement Form (VERF) below.

We have extended the deadline for completing the form to 1st December 2023

Please note:  Component 2: Text in Performance Assessment Window - 8th January - 19th April 2024

A visiting examiner can only be requested for examinations taking place between 1st February - 19th April.
Any centre with an examination date between 8th January -31st January will require a Digital Submission.

Centres requesting a visiting examiner will be contacted by their allocated examiner in December 2023 to arrange and confirm examination dates.

If Digital Submission is selected, all candidate assessment material will be submitted through the Learner Work Transfer.

Component 2 Visiting Examiner Requirement Form

You can find all the latest information on how to administer the three Components in the qualifications using the links below

A Level Drama and Theatre Component 2 latest FAQs

It might be useful to share some recent FAQs we've been receiving to help you and your students to prepare for Component 2 next term.

Q: Does a design candidate have to do a presentation?

A: No. On Page 38 of the A-Level Specification, it is the design skill that is the focus of the assessment. Examiners will not be allowed to watch design presentations for assessment. For designers refer to the grid for minimum requirements expected on page 40: designers may submit a portfolio or PowerPoint of research, photographs/screenshots of their process and sourcing materials, as well as any other evidence of their work on the design element selected. 

Q: Can the monologues be performed out to the audience for greater impact?

A: Not unless the text was written to be delivered in this way. If there is another other character(s) onstage, the candidate should perform ‘within the world of the play’. Candidates might use a block or chair to aid them in this.  

The monologue criteria includes; Characterisation demonstrates a perceptive understanding of the role and its context within the performance, and Demonstrates a sophisticated interpretation of the text in performance, showing a perceptive understanding of playwright’s intentions. 
When 2 out of 5 indicators in the assessment criteria are not met at all, it would be very hard to justify a candidate being marked as Assured or Sophisticated. 

Component 2 text submission form reminder

All centres are required to submit their Component 2 text choices via the Text Submission Form at least 6 weeks prior to the planned assessment date. The final submission date is the 8th March 2024.
One form should be submitted per school/college. You can list the texts for your whole cohort on one form. Responses will be stored and can be cross referenced against examination responses to ensure that centres have complied with the requirements of the specification and subject criteria.

You can find the performance text submission form on the qualification page.

GCSE Drama

A Level Drama and Theatre

Component 2 exam entries 

Please remember that you must make exam entries before the examination takes place.
Please speak to your exams office about making entries. 

New GCSE Component 2 performance text lists

We've updated our performance text lists for GCSE Drama Component 2. It's available in pre-2000 and post-1954 versions.

These are all the plays that have been used by students from 2018 to 2023. We will continue to update the lists after each series.

Support and contact

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