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May 2023 Drama update

11 May 2023

Dear colleagues,

I do hope that this term is going well for you so far. 

It’s a very busy time for all of us right now and I hope you’re able to stay calm during all these deadlines.
If you ever need to get in touch, please use my details below.

Here is your May 2023 update with all the latest news on our GCSE and A level Drama and Theatre qualifications.
In this update you will find:

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15th May deadline for Component 1

The deadline for submitting your Component 1 samples is Monday, 15th May 2023. 

Admin Support Guides and forms for Component 1

The Administrative Support Guides for GCSE Drama and A level Drama and Theatre include information on:

  • key dates
  • administrative guidance for all three Components
  • guidance on using Learner Work Transfer (LWT) platform for Component 1
  • support on how to contact us 

For A Level: we choose the sample. This is indicated on Edexcel Online.

For GCSE: you choose the sample. 

For both qualifications: only put the marks for the sampled students on the CCIS form. There's no requirement to do descriptions or summaries this year. 

Live theatre evaluation confirmation survey

Students are required to watch a live theatre performance for Component 3 (unless permission has been granted to refer to a streamed/recorded production).
You must submit a confirmation of visiting live theatre to us by 15th May 2023 using this survey.
Students must have attended live theatre by 15th May.

Please submit a form for each qualification being offered in your centre e.g. one for GCSE, one for A level.

We understand that due to the current cost of living crisis, and other factors such as
location, some centres face huge difficulty in trying to take students to see live theatre. If
you are in this situation and it is not possible for your students to write about a live
theatre production for component 3, please do get in touch with us by 15th May: to ask permission to use streamed or recorded
productions. We will treat each request on an individual basis.

Please note: if you have already contacted us and received permission to use streamed/recorded work, you do not need to contact us again. 

Component 3 GCSE Drama examination 

It's the Component 3 exam on the afternoon of Monday 15th - I wish all your students the best of luck with it. I do hope they feel prepared and confident with their knowledge of the play and the production they've studied. 

Ofqual student guide 2023

This guide provides students with information about this year’s arrangements for qualifications regulated by Ofqual. It also explains what support is in place when taking exams and assessments.

It's relevant for a student taking any of the following qualifications in 2023:

  • GCSEs
  • AS or A levels
  • other general qualifications, including International Baccalaureate, core mathematics and Pre-U
  • Technical Qualification (part of a T Level)
  • BTEC, Cambridge Technicals and other vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs) taken alongside GCSEs and A levels

Ofqual student guide 2023

Support and contact

Please feel free to get in touch, if you require any help or support in your delivery.



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