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Examiner vacancies for Summer 2018

2 February 2018

Pearson have exciting opportunities for teachers to become Examiners for our Edexcel GCSE and A Level Drama and Theatre qualifications. 

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An Examiner marks candidates’ responses in accordance with the pre-defined mark scheme, whilst adhering to Code of Practice and examination procedures. Most subjects will be marked onscreen using ePEN, which can be done from home. A few subjects are still marked in the traditional method, using paper scripts sent through the post. A high level of subject knowledge is necessary in order to apply the mark scheme. Each examiner will receive an agreed allocation of scripts. 

Apply online today

You can submit an application online using the following links. As part of this application you will be required to register for an online account.

Becoming an Examiner is a great opportunity to: 

  • develop your career in education
  • earn some extra money in a part-time role, alongside any full time commitments you may have
  • gain invaluable insight into assessment
  • network with likeminded professionals in your field. 

Experience and qualifications required 

  • You will hold a minimum of one year’s full time teaching experience of the relevant qualification and subject.
  • You will have a degree or equivalent.
  • You will be a qualified teacher. 

Competencies required 

  • You will have the ability to work well under pressure.
  • You will have the ability to meet deadlines.
  • You will have a high level of subject knowledge in order to apply the mark scheme.


Training will be available to contracted Associates and the dates and method of training will be made available to you should you receive a contract. The training you receive will either be face to face or online and further details will follow once you are contracted.


The majority of our marking is carried out online using our online marking system E-pen. We facilitate the marking of scripts online by dividing them into ‘items’. For this type of marking we pay per item. You will receive a contract detailing the number of items we’d like you to mark and the amount payable.

Although the fees differ across units, based on complexity to mark as well as time and effort required, an average payment to an Assessment Associate will be in the region of £500- £800. We also pay a fee for attendance at the training/standardisation meeting, be it face to face or online, and a teacher release fee to your centre if appropriate. 

About Pearson 

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For more information please contact aaresourcing@pearson.com 


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