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April 2024 Drama update

15 April 2024


Welcome to this April 2024 update.

I hope that the summer term starts well for you and your students.

If you ever need to get in touch, please use my details below.

Here is your April 2024 update with all the latest news on our GCSE and A level Drama and Theatre qualifications.

In this update you will find information on:

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Key dates and deadlines

There are some important dates and deadlines for your diaries on the horizon:

Component 1 LWT platform available for uploading materials 15th April
Component 2 examination window closes 19th April
Component 2 final submission date 30th April
Live theatre declaration deadline (declaration link in ASG) 8th May
GCSE Component 3 exam 9th May, pm
Component 1 LWT deadline 15th May
A Level Component 3 exam 6th June, am

Key Stage 4 survey for drama and performing arts

We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on potential new opportunities for qualifications in drama and performing arts at Key Stage 4/level 2.

If you are interested in participating, please complete our survey.

KS4/Level 2 survey

'Ginny Award' scholarship

A new scholarship called the ‘Ginny Award’ has been gifted in memory of Virginia Spooner, much-loved alumna of the Guildhall School and our hugely respected colleague and Chair for GCSE Drama. 

The Scholarship is for students on the prestigious BA Acting at Guildhall School of Music & Drama.   

Ginny very much enjoyed her time at the Guildhall School and the scholarship is designed to help students of all backgrounds to benefit from the quality of training. 

The Scholarship will enable countless students to develop a passion for drama as profound as that which she shared with those who worked alongside her throughout her career. 

Ginny Spooner

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Based in the heart of London, Guildhall School is ranked number one in Arts, Drama & Music by the Complete University Guide 2024. The Acting programme is innovative in structure and approach, exploring stage, screen and self-led practice, and supporting students to connect with their own authentic selves. Applications open in Autumn 2024 and scholarships can be applied for once students have accepted an offer. 

Study Drama | Guildhall School of Music & Drama (

Training packs for Components 1 and 2

We now have the training packs available for the Component 1 and 2 training events for 23-24. These include recordings of student performances, portfolios (for Component 1) and detailed guidance on marking, moderation and preparing students.

  • Coursework Marking Training
  • Preparing for Component 2

The materials are stored in the Course Materials section, Teaching and Learning Materials, Past Training Content.

AI Update for Component 1

We have updated the GCSE and A Level Component 1 NEA Authentication sheets; there is now reference to AI in the Teacher Declaration.

If you have already assessed and completed the Component 1 NEA Authentication sheet for students certificating in summer 2024, you do not need to complete this new form. If you haven't yet completed the assessment, or are going to start the assessment of students completing in summer 2025, please use the new version of this form.

Updated A Level FAQs

If you are preparing students for the Component 3 examination that will take place on 6th June, you might find the updated FAQs useful. We've been answering a lot of questions recently, including using more than one practitioner in Section C, the complexity of concepts, and live theatre notes. 

Component 3 exam entries

For any centres making exam entries for Component 3 - please be aware that there are two entry codes and the correct one should be used, according to the set text being studied:

List A
List B
A Doll's House 100
An Inspector Calls 1984
Antigone Blue Stockings
Government Inspector DNA
The Crucible The Free9
Twelfth Night Gone Too Far!                     


One of our most popular set texts in A Level Drama and Theatre, Machinal by Sophie Treadwell is currently being performed at the Old Vic Theatre in London. It runs from 11th April to 1st June.

Tickets from £13!

Machinal at The Old Vic


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An Inspector Calls

One of our most popular set texts at GCSE, An Inspector Calls by JB Priestly, starts a nine month UK tour in August 2024. This National Theatre production will visit over 25 cities and town across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

An Inspector Calls

There's a very comprehensive education pack to accompany the tour too

Resource Pack

An Inspector Calls

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The School For Scandal

Another A Level Drama and Theatre set text will be on the stage from 2nd July to 6th September this year, at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, in Stratford-Upon-Avon. 

The School For Scandal

The School For Scandal

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Support and contact

Please feel free to get in touch, if you require any help or support in your delivery.



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