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Updated Candidate Assessment Booklets for GCSE Design and Technology

26 March 2020

The candidate assessment booklets have been redesigned and updated to reduce amount of pages, improve format and simplify. 

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Changes to the new CAB design

In the new CAB;

  • the assessment criteria has been taken out. This information is in the specification document and also provided separately alongside the CAB. 
  • mark range has been added to the marking column, to circle and select. 
  • The information on photographic evidence on page 2 has changed to:

    Photographic evidence of manufacture and completed outcome(s) for the make section must be included in each candidate’s portfolio and the same photo for the completed outcome(s) must be attached to the back of this Candidate Assessment Booklet. The quality of the photography must be sufficient to enable moderators to see the completed prototype clearly and in detail.

As before, it is expected that CABs will be signed and authenticated by both the learner and assessor. Page numbers must be referenced to show where the evidence is in the portfolio. Comment boxes are there, only if, you need to write a supporting comment. Learners work should sufficiently evidence the mark awarded.  


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