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September 2022 Design and Technology update

5 September 2022

Dear colleagues,

Welcome back! I hope that you all had a great summer holiday and had the time to relax, disconnect and spend time with your loved ones, and are recharged for the academic year ahead. Here is your September 2022 update to help you get up to speed. In this update you will find:

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Reminder on post results services

You can access information on Access to Scripts, Review of Moderation and Marking, instruction to access grade boundaries and moderator reports, links to results plus and more.

Grade boundaries and Grade statistics

Grade boundaries and provisional grade statistics for June 2022 series are now available. Access these from links below.

To see the component level grade boundaries, please access the Notional component grade boundaries document.

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Ready for 2022/2023 support session

We are running a support session for teachers of Design and Technology on 14 September to go through the expectations in 2022-2023 academic year and provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. You can book on to this from link below.

GCSE and A level Design and Technology: Ready for 2022/2023


Coursework marking training events
Our coursework marking training event consists of 4 modules. Module 1-3 are offline, on-demand. You can pick and go through these any time you want. 

Module 4 is a live session. Currently we have 1 scheduled for GCSE on 6 December. There will be an additional session scheduled in February. We will also have 2 sessions scheduled for A level D&T. 

Past papers

Past papers from the summer 2022 series, including question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports are now available on our website. You can access these from the course materials section of the qualification pages. Links below.

Expectations in 2022/2023

As previously highlighted, in 2022/2023, Ofqual has confirmed “back to normal”, meaning that the adaptations to the NEA for both GCSE and A level D&T are no longer in effect. Therefore, Non-examined assessment submissions in summer 2023 must be in full, including the making of the final prototype to the standard required in the original specification. Marking of the quality and accuracy grid is reinstated for summer 2023 assessment.

Ofqual Subject content and assessment arrangements in the academic year 2022 to 2023

NEA assessment materials for 2022/2023
We have updated the assessment criteria and the candidate assessment booklet back to its full version and provided the authentication sheet for summer 2023 submissions. These now include the full criteria and the full range of marks of the NEA (100 for GCSE and 120 for A level)

Read more and access these materials from the qualification pages

NEA delivery guides and exemplar NEA materials

Access exemplar NEA portfolios and the NEA delivery guides to help you understand the requirements of a successful NEA project.

Past training content

Past training event materials, including materials from the Live Module 4 events can be accessed from the qualification pages, too. These include further examples of the NEA. 

Support and Contact

Always here to help and support! Please do feel free to get in touch with me if you require any support or answers to any questions you may have. Details in how to get in touch are below in my contact card.


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