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October 2021 Design and Technology update

Tue Oct 19 12:41:52 UTC 2021

Here is your October 2021 update, with the latest information affecting GCSE and A level D&T qualifications. 

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Summer 2022 arrangement for GCSE and A level D&T

Following on from the latest Ofqual/DfE consultation, we can confirm the arrangements for GCSE and A level Design and Technology for summer 2022. The arrangements are:

  • NEA adaptations to allow proof-of-concept outcomes and demonstration of machinery/tools and processes through written, photographic, or video evidence.
  • Advance information on the focus of some aspects of the assessment which are being included on the exam papers, helping learners to manage their exam preparation. 

From the links below, you can access further details of these arrangements.

Summer 2022 GCSE D&T support

Summer 2022 A level D&T support

JCQ has recently published guidance on Advance Information, which includes examples of what the AI could look like.

Access JCQ document here

Is there any exemplar portfolios available for the adapted NEA for GCSE and A level D&T?

Yes, we do have exemplar portfolios available and can be accessed from the links below.

Can learners complete a full prototype? 

Yes, learners may continue to manufacture high-quality outcomes where it is safe and possible to do so, and in line with public health guidelines. However, for the equality of all students, marks will not be awarded for Quality and Accuracy in the assessment of this component. 

Summer 2022 provisional timetables

Summer 2022 timetables are provisionally ready and any feedback on these provisional timetables should be sent to timetables@pearson.com.

Provisional exam dates in summer 2022 for D&T are:

  • 9 June 2022 – A level D&T
  • 15 June 2022 – GCSE D&T

Summer 2022 provision timetables

Coursework marking training event

Live Module 4 dates are available for the coursework marking training event and you can book these on these from the link below.

  • A level D&T - module 4 - 01 December 2021 at 16:00-18:00 GMT
  • GCSE D&T - module 4 - 09 December 2021 at 16:00-17:30 GMT

Register for the live module 4

Access information on the Coursework marking training event and access the on-demand modules 1-3 from the link below. Aim to complete these before attending to the live module 4.

GCSE and A level Coursework Marking Training Event modules


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