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July 2022 Design and Technology update

8 July 2022

Welcome to your July update. 

In this last update of this academic year, I would like to congratulate you and your learners on their hard-work and achievements in these unprecedented times. I hope that when the term comes to an end, you all enjoy a relaxing and fulfiling break. In this update, you will find useful information to help with upcoming results day, post results period and to get ready for September. 

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Getting ready for summer 2022 results days

The update linked below, is to remind you how to access some documents and services, such as access to scripts and review of moderation and marking, that you may need during the results period for A level and GCSE Design and Technology qualifications. 

Getting ready for summer 2022 results 

NEA in 2022-2023

As you know, Ofqual has confirmed that for the 2023 cohort the usual arrangements for the NEA will be in place, meaning that the full design and make project, including the prototype, will need to be completed for summer 2023 assessment. Key points to remember for the NEA:

  1. 15 May 2023 is the deadline to submit grades and samples to Pearson.
  2. Samples will be submitted digitally through the Learner Work Transfer system. There will be no postal moderation in 2023 and beyond. 
  3. Contextual challenges for summer 2023 submissions were published on 1 June.
  4. Assessment criteria, CABs and authentication sheet for summer 2023 assessment are ready online.

Question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports for summer 2022 series

Summer 2022 question papers for GCSE and A level D&T are now available from the course materials section of our website. These are also linked below. 

When will mark schemes and examiner reports be available?

Marks schemes are scheduled to be uploaded on to the website on 26 July and examiner reports will be available on:

  • 23 August for A level
  • 30 August for GCSE

These will also be available for download from the above same links. 

Student Diversity Ambassador Programme


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The Pearson Student Diversity Ambassador Programme provides a diverse group of young people with the opportunity to have their voices heard and work together with Pearson to help shape the future of education. The programme is designed to help Student Ambassadors develop their skills and actively prepare for their careers and futures beyond the classroom.

To find out more information on how you can become a partner school and enrol some of your students as ambassadors, please fill in the form on our website.

Student Diversity Ambassador Programme


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