January 2024 Design and Technology update | Pearson qualifications

January 2024 Design and Technology update

Thu Jan 11 13:48:00 UTC 2024

Happy new year! 

I hope that you have had a fantastic break over the holidays. Here is your January update to keep you up to date and link you to the information you may require. 

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In this update, you will find:

  • GCSE Design and Technology NEA support
  • A level Design and Technology exemplars
  • Summer 2024 entry deadline

GCSE Design and Technology NEA support


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Following on from your feedback post summer 2023 series, we have been working on updating our support for GCSE D&T NEA to ensure that your feedback is listened to and further guidance is provided on assessing the NEA. After the Covid disruptions, Summer 2023 was the first full series (second in the lifetime of the specification), without any adaptations and we are therefore able to exemplify and clarify expectations further. In this support work, we have (linked):

  • Updated delivery guide to streamline the language as well as provide links to the new exemplar library.
  • Exemplar library, including exemplar work for each assessment grid, at different levels.
  • 3 fully marked portfolios at different levels.
  • Making guidance
  • DoNow worksheets for students
  • CAD support youtube playlist

We are committed supporting centres further and providing further exemplification of the expectations and we will therefore be adding more materials to the exemplar library after each series. 

We hope that these exemplars will support you in the delivery and assessment of the NEA. If you have any questions or require further support, please do not hesitate to contact you Subject Advisor. Details at the bottom of this update. 

Access NEA support materials


A level Design and Technology exemplars

In December, we published 6 new exemplar folders for A level Design and Technology NEA. These are at different levels and include commentary to help you understand the examiner`s reasons for the marks given for each grid. 

Please see the link below to access the exemplars.


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Summer 2024 Entry deadline - GCSE and A level

Entry deadline Late fees charged from Amendment fees charged from High late fees charged
21/02/2024 22/02/2024 22/04/2024 22/04/2024

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