Grade characteristics for GCSE and A level Design and Technology

To help and support teachers and centres when making a judgement on the grade they believe their learners would achieve for the Summer 2020 series we've produced subject Grade characteristics documents with specific guidance around grades 4 and 7 for GCSE and International GCSE and grades C and A for A level and International A level. 

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GCSE and A Level Design and Technology - Grade characteristics

Grade characteristics documents for GCSE and A level Design and Technology qualifications can be accessed from the links below. 

These documents have been created to provide guidance on the key characteristics we would expect to see students display at specific grades, in order to help you make informed decisions when you review your students work in a subject. This includes the key characteristics of what borderline candidates would look like, what secure candidates in these grades would look like and what most secure candidates in these grades would look like. We are also providing generic guidance on ways to rank order learners across the full grade range and full cohort.

GCSE Design and Technology

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A level Design and Technology

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Guidance and support for centre assessment grades

Read the full guidance on centre assessed grades and rank order and access all grade characteristics from the link below. 

Guidance and support

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