April 2021 Design and Technology update | Pearson qualifications

April 2021 Design and Technology update

19 April 2021

Here is your April 2021 update for Design and Technology. In this upate, you will find latests information on the teacher assessed grades, including the recently published grade exemplification materials and guidance on assessing NEAs for TAGs in Summer 2021. 

GCSE and A Level D&T 2021 summer update
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Grade exemplification materials for GCSE and A level D&T

In line with the timeline, on 19 April we have published the grade exemplification materials. You can access these from the Summer 2021 support pages for GCSE and A level D&T through the overview documents available below. 

Overview documents include links to the question papers, mark schemes, grade descriptors, exemplification and much more. See below.  

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NEA guidance - Assessing NEA for TAGs in Summer 2021

Below is the guidance for teachers assessing NEA where work is incomplete or alternative evidence has been permitted by Ofqual for summer 2021.

The guidance below helps you to determine what you could use, in order to show evidence for the NEA component. 

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Summer 2021 Support

Summer 2021 support page is where you can access all relevant documents and information for Summer 2021 teacher assessed grades (TAGs), include;

  • JCQ guidance,
  • Using attainment data as part of making grading decisions
  • Timelines
  • Links to subject specific materials

Access the summer 2021 support page here

You can also access the Pearson Qualification bulletin, which will keep you up to date with our general qualifications in 2021.

Latest Pearson General Qualification Bulletin

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Support through Pearson Professional Development Academy

Our Pearson Professional Development Academy is now live and host detailed guidance and support in the form of videos infographics and checklists to support you in determining fair grades for your students so they can progress on to their next stage.

This includes:

  • how to reach grading decisions
  • the creation of assessment materials
  • the quality assurance process and appeals
  • general support around timelines and submission systems.

You can access training, resources and information on appeals through the Professional Development Academy. 

Access summer 2021 support here

JCQ materials for Summer 2021 arrangements

JCQ has published various guidance, checklists and templates for summer 2021 arrangements, including:

  • Guidance on determination of grades
  • Guidance for students and parents
  • Guidance on centre policy
  • Grade descriptors and more... 

GCSE and A Level D&T 2021 summer update

4 May 2020 - 16:00 - 17:00 BST

In this online update we will:

  • summarise the key outcomes from the summer 2021 consultations
  • outline the approach for deciding TAGs
  • confirm the timelines and processes for TAG submission
  • share the support we have available for Summer 2021 assessment
  • give you an opportunity to ask questions

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Where can I find all the support materials?

All support materials available are in the teaching and learning materials section of the qualification pages.

From these pages you will be able to access:

  • Summer 2021 support materials for centres
  • Summer 2021 support materials for students 
  • Exemplar materials
  • Past training content and more. 

 See links below. 


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