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2022 Non-Examined Assessment consultation decision

On 16 June, Ofqual has published the consultation decision on arrangements for non-exam assessment for qualifications in 2022 and confirmed that adjustments will be allowed for GCSE and A level Design and Technology. 

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What does the consultation outcome mean for Design and Technology?

Ofqual has decided to carry forward the arrangements agreed for 2021 in full for Design and Technology. These arrangements are to;

  • Permit exam boards to accept mock-ups and/or clear and detailed intentions of prototypes. Exam boards to provide clarification about their requirements.
  • Permit demonstration of using machinery, tools and/or processes.

Read the full consultation outcome here

Summary of our qualification changes in 2021 which will be carried forward into 2022

  • Allow candidates to produce a ‘proof of concept model’ instead of a ‘high-quality final prototype’.
  • Remove marking grid for Quality and accuracy from Component 2.
  • Allow candidates to demonstrate using machinery/tools/processes that is not directly linked to the product they intended to make, in order that they will be able to access the requirements stated in the marking grid for manufacture. They can provide evidence through written, photographic or video format.
  • Allow candidates to demonstrate the requirements of Testing and Evaluation marking grid, using a proof-of-concept model instead of a final working prototype.

Does this mean my learners cannot make a prototype for summer 2022 awarding?

This is a common misinterpretation and where it is safe and possible to manufacture prototypes to a high standard, centres are free to do so. We know that the students enjoy the making aspect, and if you can, there is no reason not to. You can complete the NEA in its entirety as you normally would, assuming nothing else changes prior to the end of the academic year. However, the way you will assess your NEA internally means that the marks in Quality and Accuracy that are entirely associated with the making of a final outcome are no longer included in the candidates NEA mark.

We will provide further information about our specific requirements, as we did for 2021.


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