March 2024 Construction update | Pearson qualifications

March 2024 Construction update

15 March 2024

Here is your March Subject Advisor update for BTEC and T level Construction  qualifications

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Extension to deadline for BTEC Tech Awards 2022

There's some good news - we are moving the submission deadline for the upload of learner work for BTEC Tech Awards in the summer series to 15 May 2024. This change applies to internally assessed components for all Tech Awards.

This 15 May submission deadline will remain in place for all May/June assessment series going forward.

This revised deadline will give you two more weeks to run, mark and upload internal assessments, and gives you extra time to upload work for external assessments in the creative subjects.

The Learner Work Transfer (LWT) system opens on 15 April, so there’s no need to wait until the deadline to upload learner work; once LWT is live, you can upload learner work at any time until the 15 May deadline.

Due to the later submission deadline, the deadline for you to submit amended marks following moderator feedback will move to 28 June. This is an optional service available, should you choose to use it, but is not a requirement.

Key dates

Key dates Activity Qualification
22 March 2024*

Entry deadline for external units

*Learners who sat BTEC assessments in the January 2024 series can be re-entered for June exams after January results have been issued, and no late fees will be charged. The entry deadline for these learners is 29 March

BTEC First and Nationals
22 April 2024

Unit 2: Construction Design Part A

Window from 22 April to 7 May (3 hours)

BTEC Nationals
22 April 2024

Unit 3: Tendering and Estimating Window Starts

Window from 22 April to 7 May (12 hours)

BTEC Nationals
7 May 2024

Unit 2: Construction Design Part B window starts

Window from 7 May to 21 May 

BTEC Nationals
7 May 2024 Unit 3: Tendering and Estimating window ends / submission deadline BTEC Nationals
15 May 2024 Deadline for submitting the first sample to the Standards Verifier BTEC FIrst and Nationals
16 May 2024 Unit 1: Construction Principles exam BTEC Nationals
21 May 2024 Unit 2: Construction Design Part B window ends / submission deadline BTEC Nationals
24 May 2024 Unit 1: Construction Technology exam  BTEC First
5 June 2024 Unit 11: Sustainability in Construction BTEC First 
5 July 2024 Claiming deadline to make a full award claim, inputting all internal grades, for learners expecting a result following the release of May/June 2024 external examination results BTEC FIrst and Nationals
15 August 2024 Results day (level 3) BTEC Nationals
22 August 2024 Results day (level 2) BTEC First
Key dates Activity
21 March 2024 Results day for Component 1 exam
7 May 2024 Component 1: Construction Technology exam
15 May 2024 Submission deadline for Component 2 and 3 internals
28 June  Deadline to submit amended marks following on from moderator feedback
22 August 2024 Results day

Standards Verification guidance

Access centre guide to standards verification document below to check what is expected from you, sample size and information on how to submit your sample to standards verification. 

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JCQ AI guidance

Please read and familiarise yourself with the JCQ AI guidance, which covers information and useful guidance on how centres should engage with Artifical Inteligence (AI) use.

 JCQ AI guidance

We have also updated the declaration forms to include AI acknowledgement statement. Access these below:

BTEC forms and guides

Draft Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Construction (AAQ)

Familiarise yourself with the new AAQ specification for September 2025 start, if approved by the DfE. 

From the page below, you can access the specification and through the course materials tab view the sample assessment materials for Units 1 and 2. 

Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Construction(AAQ) qualification page

T level DSP updates

Read the latest T level update below:

T level February 2024 update

Highlights for DSP from this update:

  • We are collaborating with the Gatsby Foundation on resources for our T Levels, and they hope to create new teaching and CPD support resources soon for selected topics in the core, based on provider feedback.
  • The re-tendering process for cycle 1 T Levels is commencing this year. As part of this, a new occupational specialism for Construction Support Technician is planned, which will replace the Hazardous Materials occupational specialism. Read the outline content on the IfATE website.
  • We are keen to consult with providers, and in particular your employers, who may want students on this new route, as we have an opportunity to shape the content and assessment when we come to write it. Please contact to get involved.

Additional Provider guidance for Task 1 and 2 for the Surveying and Design Occupational Specialism component

Today, 15 March, we have published the additional provider guidance for Task 1 and 2 for Surveying OS. This is under secure tests, needing exams officers log in to access. You can find this below. 

Additional Provider guidance for Task 1 and 2

Training and events for T levels

There are few getting ready to teach and assess events available for T level DSP, which you can view from link below. These are scheduled from 11 June to 11 July. 

Find and book on to training 



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