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10 November 2022

Resources, both free and paid-for, which might support your teaching of Edexcel GCSE Business.

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You may also be interested in a sister page which tries to support your understanding of the assessment of the qualification.

Free support


The qualification page provides:

  • a Getting Started Guide (which provides more detailed specification guidance)
  • a course planner
  • an editable scheme of work
  • content from past training events

There are a number of pre-reccorded training sessions available for you to listen to:

  • Ways to approach the 9 mark question
  • New to Edexcel GCSE Business
  • Feedback on the summer 2019 Papers 1 and 2

The recordings and materials from network meetings are available shortly after the events themselves.  Past network events have covered:

  • Question setting using existing materials
  • Plans on how to approach the Advance Information
  • Application and use of case studies.
  • The command verbs - exam technique
  • feedback on 2022 Paper 1
  • feedback on 2022 Paper 2

Each session includes a recording and access to the materials used.

We have a GCSE Facebook group where you can share ideas and post questions.  The group has over 2000 members.

As well as the Facebook group there is a new, public, subject community where you will be able to see all posts without logging in, although you will need to log in with your Edexcel Online details to post a comment.

Teachers tend to think of using apps as teaching tools in the classroom. Yet, they can also be used for general tasks, such as workload management, productivity, and organisation.


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The Economics, Business and Enterprise Association (EBEA) is the professional subject association for everyone interested in the teaching and study of Economics, Business and Enterprise.

It is free to become a registered member and this gives you access to an archive of journals and articles which are older than one year. Paid membership (which is tax deductible) provides you with a monthly newsletter and a termly printed journal.

Free resources


We are pleased to be able to provide you with a full series of booklets covering every topic for the course content of our GCSE Business qualification.

The purpose of each resource pack is to provide you with a pre-prepared framework for embedding booklet style materials into your course delivery, but with complete freedom to both edit and personalise them to meet your centre needs.

These booklets can:

  • be used as a summative activity at the end of a taught topic
  • form part of a revision programme after the whole course has been taught
  • create a digital and online support offer for homework or remote study
  • focus students on a concise review of the wider course.
The structure of each booklet:
  • Extracts from the specification
  • Key terms and key term examples
  • Summary of the topic
  • Synoptic links to other topics in the specification
  • A relevant case study with illustrated connections to the specification
  • Activities for students to test their knowledge
  • Detailed review of command words
  • Common misconceptions made by students
  • Quick memory checks
  • Exam questions
The pdf file below gives you examples of how you can use the booklets.

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Be in Business

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Creating a Side Hustle & Being an Early Entrepreneur

This lesson pack investigates modern avenues and approaches into business and how entrepreneurs have captured new markets and built dynamic offers from the ground up.

GCSE Business topic links:

1.1.2 Risk and reward
1.1.3 The role of business enterprise
1.4.1 The options for start-up and small businesses
2.1.4 Ethics, the environment and business

Finding Your USP

This lesson pack invites students to look at how an individual’s experiences and background can form the basis of unique and innovative businesses.
GCSE Business topic links:

1.1.1 The dynamic nature of business
1.2.3 Market segmentation
2.1.4 Ethics, the environment and business
2.2.3 Promotion

Setting up a Formal Company

This lesson pack explores the stages of setting up a business including key elements such as licensing and costs. It also explores some of the challenges faced by people in business from different backgrounds and case studies of how those challenges were overcome.
GCSE Business topic links:

1.1.2 Risk and reward
1.3.1 Business aims and objectives
1.3.4 Sources of business finance
1.4.1 The options for start-up and small businesses
1.4.2 Business location
1.5.3 Legislation and business
2.1.4 Ethics, the environment and business

Representative Recruitment

This lesson pack introduces students to recruitment and current best practice on inclusive and representative HR approaches for hiring.
GCSE Business topic links:

2.5 Making human resource decisions

Self-reflection in Business

This lesson pack provides a framework and toolkit for students to recognise skills they already have in Business and how to identify and develop skills for the future.

We have recently released new Knowledge Retrieval and Revision Resources for Themes 1 and 2 of our Edexcel GCSE Business qualification.

These editable resources provide retrieval activities for every sub-topic in Theme 1 and Theme 2.

Teachers may wish to use them in various ways:

  • At the end of each sub-topic.
  • As part of a lesson starter.
  • Or to help identify knowledge gaps in your students throughout the course.

The Knowledge Retrieval and Revision Resources are available on our website in Word and PowerPoint formats.

Ian Marcouse's eBus case studies include exam-style case studies with answers as well as revision tests. The stories used are all very current and, as they are sent in Word, can be easily adapted as you wish.

There are resources you might be able to adapt in the GCSE Business dropbox folder.

If you are looking for resources that might be appropriate for a particular topic and are looking for an up-to-date story that has been in the news, it is possible that another teacher had an interesting idea and tweeted it. Use #liontheme1 and #liontheme2 to search for relevant stories. You can also contribute by sharing interesting stories using the same hashtags.

Short video clips on a variety of topics as well as access to worksheets from 'Two Teachers'.

The Pearson Revise app is free for your students to use to support their independent learning. Students can track and share their progress with teachers whilst testing their KS4 knowledge with quick quizzes!


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Taking Care of Business is an immersive exhibition at the Migration Museum. It runs until 5 March 2023.

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, the apps on our phones to the products in our homes, our lives wouldn’t be the same without migrant entrepreneurs. So many of the businesses that are most integral to our lives – from M&S to Rimmel, corner shops to apps – are the products of migration.

Entrepreneurship has always been at the heart of the immigrant experience. For many, starting a business is the only way to survive in a new land, whilst others arrive with an idea and a plan. Immigrants are almost twice as likely to found a business as people born in the UK, while almost half of the UK’s fastest-growing companies have an immigrant founder.

Taking Care of Business puts this vital story at centre stage, highlighting migrant entrepreneurs past and present across a wide range of sectors, from fashion to tech, finance to nightlife
The museum is based in Lewisham Shopping Centre, London SE13 7HB and welcomes educational visits (GCSE Business Topic 1.1).

Paid-for support from Pearson

The GCSE (9-1) Business Student Book provides comprehensive and accessible coverage of the Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business qualification. It includes a wealth of expert guidance and advice as well as examples that will help students to develop the skills they'll need for their written exams.

The Student Book will enable students to explore the key themes of business; including how business opportunities are spotted and small businesses are set up and run, as well as how businesses grow and change and the crucial decisions that have to be made.

It provides:

  • In-depth coverage of all the content of the course
  • Real-life contemporary case studies of real businesses to engage and inspire students
  • Exam-style questions and exam tips throughout providing plenty of practice at answering the type of questions students may encounter in their exams
  • A ‘Checkpoint feature’ to help review understanding and provide opportunities for further challenge
  • Activities to embed understanding of the content and key terms.

The ActiveLearn Digital Service can be bought as a 1 year or 3 year subscription. Linked closely with the Student Book, this service provides a bank of practical teaching resources to help you plan and deliver engaging lessons, including:

  • A front of class ActiveBook (an online version of the Student Book) enabling you to zoom and project key topics or concepts
  • PowerPoint presentations to aid understanding of core content and introduce class activities
  • Video case studies to motivate your students and stimulate discussion and debate
  • Editable worksheets with differentiated tasks for classwork or homework
  • Interactive knowledge-check quizzes for revision support
  • Answers to the exam questions from the Student Book.

The Activebook, which is the ebook version of the student textbook, can be bought according to the size of your school. This means you are provided with a number of log ins to the ebook, which can be handed out to your students.

The sizes are:

  • extra small 1-100 students
  • Small (101-750 students)
  • Medium (751-2000 students)
  • Large (2001-3000 students)
  • extra large (3001-5000 students)

REVISE Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business Practice Papers Plus includes three full practice papers

REVISE Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business Model Answer Workbook

This book will help you to:

  • Prepare for your exams by engaging with the full range of Pearson Edexcel GCSE Business question types
  • Understand what a good exam answer looks like and how to write one of your own thanks to hints and tips from markers and older students
  • Improve your exam technique with activities that go beyond simply answering the question
  • Simplify your revision by writing straight into the book just as you would in an exam.

REVISE Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business Revision Cards

Each pack includes access to a FREE online edition of the REVISE Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business Revision Guide and contains:

  • 100 Revision Cards and three organising dividers (with a handy 'how to use' guide)
  • Multiple choice questions and answers
  • Worked examples
  • Topic summaries and key facts to remember.

REVISE Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business Revision Workbook

  • One-to-one page match with the Revision Guide so students can find the practice they need quickly and easily
  • Guided practice questions on every page demonstrate good technique and build confidence
  • Loads of practice questions in the style of the new exams, with plenty of practice at problem-solving and reasoning skills
  • Hints and tips helps students avoid common pitfalls
  • Full set of practice papers written to match the new specification exactly

REVISE Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business Revision Guide + App

  • One-topic-per-page format helps you revise more quickly, without the hassle
  • Exam-style worked examples match the new specification and demonstrate good exam technique
  • 'Now try this' exam-style practice questions let you test your understanding of a topic
  • Problem solving support throughout including tricky questions on easy topics and strategies and techniques for answering harder questions
  • Complete coverage of the new specification including brand-new topics
  • Visual explanations of key concepts help you revise quickly and recall key skills in your exams

Paid-for support from Hodder


- Breaks down the content of the 2017 specification into clear, accessible explanations of important concepts and theories

- Helps students apply their knowledge to a range of real business examples, issues and contexts, supported by 'Talking Points' that encourage critical and commercial thinking

- Improves quantitative, investigative, analytical and evaluation skills through end-of-chapter exercises

- Builds students' confidence approaching their exams as they practise calculation, short answer and extended-writing questions with stimulus materials

- Boosts students' vocabulary and supports revision with definitions of key terminology for each topic

Make the most of your Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business Student Book and minimise your marking with this invaluable Answer Guide.

- Provides full answers/suggested answers for every exercise and data response question in the Student Book

- Gathers all the questions from the Student Book together in one place for easy comparison between questions and answers

- Mirrors the structure of the Student Book so you can quickly find what you are looking for

With My Revision Notes every student can:

- Plan and manage a successful revision programme using the topic-by-topic planner

- Consolidate their knowledge by working through clear and focused coverage of the Edexcel GCSE Business specification

- Test understanding and identify areas for improvement with regular 'Now test yourself' activities and answers

- Improve exam technique through practice questions, expert tips and examples of typical mistakes to avoid

- Revise, remember and accurately use key business terms with definitions alongside the text for quick and easy reference


These free Schemes of Work from Ian Marcousé support the Student Book

Other paid-for support

End of topic tests, theme tests and knowledge handbooks.

Workshhets, case studies and the 9-5 handbook

Revisionstation provides complete teaching resource packs for Edexcel GCSE Business. The packs include PowerPoints and worksheets.  

Find out more:

Smart revise

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Smart Revise is an online course companion for GCSE Business with hundreds of original exam-style questions which can be used for baseline assessments, end of topic tests, healthy competition, homework, identifying learning priorities, intervention, low-stakes quizzing, mastery and even full online mock exams.

Worksheets, presentations and revision resources

Teaching resources, assessment resources, revision resources.


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