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Survey about A level Science Tuition with Pearson Tutoring

26 September 2022

Since early 2020, as part of the National Tutoring Programme, Pearson Tutoring has successfully provided tuition for English, Maths and Science across Key Stages 2,3 and 4 for over 13,000 students. We are now looking to expand our offer to include A-Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and would like to know whether this would be of interest to you/your school.

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We have contructed a brief survey and we would be grateful if you could participate with it to help us with our planning for 2022/23.

The survey will remain open until 30 September 2022. Further information about the National Tutoring Programme is provided for you below.

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) aims to support teachers and schools in providing a sustained response to the coronavirus pandemic and to provide a longer-term contribution to closing the attainment gap.

As part of the programme, schools will be able to access subsidised high-quality tuition from an approved list of Tuition Partners, of which Pearson Tutoring is one. For more information, go to the NTP website.

Why do schools choose Pearson Tutoring?

As providers of qualifications and resources from ages 5-19, we are in a unique position to provide high-quality tuition from UK qualified teachers, using standardised lesson materials and assessments. We offer the highest quality of online delivery through our established partner platform, Bramble.

We only work with fully qualified teachers, most of whom have extensive experience of marking GCSE and A-Level papers.

Our tried-and-tested lesson materials and assessments are standardised to ensure high-quality delivery throughout.

Online tutoring is proven to be highly effective. It provides flexibility in scheduling for schools and pupils, the widest selection of high calibre tutors and limits covid-infection risks. Find out more about Pearson Tutoring.

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