October 2013: Defining 'Entry' for GCSE exams and BTECs | Pearson qualifications

October 2013: Defining 'Entry' for GCSE exams and BTECs

24 October 2013

Clarification on how the DfE first entry rule affects BTEC Applied Science

Following queries from centres, I would like to clarify how the Department for Education (DfE) first entry rule affects next generation BTEC First Applied Science.

  1. 'First entry' for BTECs refers to the claim date for the whole qualification, not the entry date to the external assessment element.
  2. Learners are able to select the best result from their external assessment attempts to take forward when making that claim. It is the best result from their attempts that count, not the first result.

This means that learners can re-sit their BTEC Applied Science external exam and the best result will count towards their qualification grade (although, please note that we would always encourage you to enter your learners for their assessments only when they are ready).

FAQs for centres in England about school performance tables: BTEC and GCSE discounting and First Entry rules


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