May 2016 science update | Pearson qualifications

May 2016 science update

19 May 2016

First and foremost, I'd like to wish all your students well with their science exams over the coming weeks. In this update, there's also information about the continuing developments in the GCSE 9-1 sciences (2016), and in GCSE and A level Psychology; and the chemistry data sheet that's available to download for students sitting the chemistry AS exam.

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Pearson Science Conference

We're holding our first Pearson Science Conference at Warwick University on Saturday 2 July (with an optional overnight stay on 1 July).

The conference tackles key challenges for science teachers in the classroom, with experts leading collaborative workshops where you can learn new strategies and share your experiences with colleagues.

Workshops include: The Language of Maths in Science; Assessing and Tracking student progress; Practical work in the classroom; STEM career opportunities; Developing Scientific Communicators; and Delivering GCSE Science to Lower Attainers.

For further information and booking, go to Supporting Success in Science.

GCSE 9-1 sciences (2016)

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Please remember that to receive a comprehensive pack of specifications and other materials, you'll need to complete the Intention To Offer form.

You can also sign up for 2 free terms of ActiveTeach resources.

Teaching and learning materials

You'll notice that a 'New' tag is appearing on our updated documents in the teaching and learning section of the course materials, including a range of helpful guides and schemes of work (SOW). We are periodically updating these materials to reflect our recent accreditation.

The Core Practical Guide is being updated with worksheets as they are completed and once again this will be reflected with a 'New' tag when the updates are made.

Published resources

You'll find a selection of our textbooks available for pre-order in the published resources area.

GCE Chemistry (2015)

Data Booklet for 2016 AS exams (specific heat capacity)

You may be aware that no value has been given for specific heat capacity of water in the final version of the Data Booklet, although a value was provided in the draft Data Booklet in the chemistry specification. 

This is not an error.

In order to ensure that students have the correct numerical value, with appropriate units, for each question, it has been decided that the value for specific heat capacity will be provided to students in any question in which it is needed, rather than in the Data Booklet.

Core Practical 5 

We've consulted with teachers on core practical 5, and as a result the practical will be modified to reflect this. It's available in the teaching and learning section of the course materials.

GCE Psychology (2015)

Updated specification

As part of our review process, we will be updating the GCE Psychology (2015) specification. This is not to add content but to address minor details that have been raised by teachers. The new version will be available on the website shortly.

Criminology practical investigation error

For the criminological practical investigation, on page 65 in the A level specification, there are 2 statements, one of which is an error.

The correct statement for the criminological practical that your students must conduct is a questionnaire, interview or an experiment (not a case study).

GCSE (9-1) Psychology 2017

Launch events

The GCSE (9-1) Psychology 2017 launch events are for teachers of psychology who want to find out more about the benefits of offering our new specification for first teaching from September 2017.

Delegates will learn about:

  • the reforms to the qualification
  • the structure and content of our new specification 
  • changes to the assessment of our qualification
  • the wide range of support we will provide to help you make the transition.

Launch events may be based on draft materials which are subject to change as we go through the accreditation process. We will give you the most up to date information available in our training events.

To book an event, visit the training page.


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