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GCSE Astronomy update

23 February 2023

This update is for GCSE Astronomy and provides a link to the Observation Statement that should be submitted by the 15 April.

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Astronomy observation requirements for 2023

As you will be able to read in a previous update practical requirements return to normal in 2023 for GCSE and A level Science. This means for GCSE Astronomy students must undertake at least one unaided and one aided observation from the selection listed in the specification. This list also provided our Observations Skills Guide.  It is important to realise that these mandatory observations are the minimum number of observations that should be taken during the course. Students will need to use their knowledge and understanding of observational techniques and procedures in the written assessments. 

As always, centres are responsible for ensuring appropriate safety procedures are followed whenever their students complete observational activities.

Observation statement

Centres must also confirm that each student has completed at least one unaided and one aided observation by completing and submitting an Observation Statement. This must be submitted to Pearson by 15th April in the year that the students will sit their examinations. Any failure by centres to provide this Observation Statement will be treated as malpractice and/or maladministration.

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The completed observation statement needs to be uploaded and submitted to Pearson via our online form.

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