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AS, A level and GCSE science update

29 April 2016

This update has a reminder of the looming coursework deadline for GCE and GCSE sciences, and includes some guides and other materials to support your delivery of Pearson science qualifications. There's also an update on GCSE Psychology from 2017.

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GCE and GCSE coursework deadline reminder

My March 2016 update included essential information for the submission of coursework marks, as well as other useful information. Please remember that the deadline for marks to be received by us is 15 May 2016

GCSE (9-1) Sciences 2016

Core practical guide

All core practicals are now in the Core Practical Guide on the website. This will be updated periodically to add more worksheets as they become available.

Specification mailing

Schools will be receiving various specifications and resources over the next week. If you have not yet completed the Intention To Offer form (ITO), then you will not receive as many materials. So, please do complete it as soon as possible to receive the extra materials.

Getting Ready to Teach Events (GRTT)

Getting Ready To Teach events are available online and face to face across the country from May through to July. The places are going quickly so book your GRTT place now.

GCSE (9-1) Science guides

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GCSE (9-1) Psychology 2017

Launch events

You can now sign up for GCSE (9-1) Psychology launch events. They're running from 28 June to 12 October at different venues across the country and online.

Draft specification focus group

We're looking for volunteers to be part of a focus group to review the draft specification for GCSE (9-1) Psychology 2017.

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GCE AS and A level (2015) Sciences

Data booklet and formulae

As you may know, data booklets and formulae sheets are available on the website to download.

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Erratum notice (Physics)

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Summer 2016 exam timetables

If you're unsure of your exam date or duration, please do look at the exam timetables page for further information.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) focus group

I am trying to understand the issues that teachers are faced with when looking for a qualification that suits special needs students. Please let me know your thoughts by contacting us. In your email, include student numbers and in particular how things have changed for your centre with the introduction of the new science curriculum.


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