A Level Science Practical Endorsement Grade Submission

22 April 2022

This update explains how to submit the A level Science Practical Endorsement Grades in Summer 2022.

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This year, as usual, all centres are required to submit a Practical Endorsement Grade for each student sitting A level Science.

You should submit your Practical Endorsement Grades via Edexcel Online and the deadline for submitting grades is 15 May 2022.

A level Science centres are also required to complete a Practical Endorsement Head Teacher Declaration Form in addition to the submission of Endorsement grades. You can download this form via the relevant qualification page.

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This year only we have simplified the process and will be asking centres to retain the signed Head Teacher Declaration within the centre should it be required. You will need to indicate that you have signed the form within Edexcel online via the Endorsement Grade submission screen.

The following video explains how to submit Practical Endorsement Grades for each student and how to confirm the centres Head Teacher Declaration Form has been completed.

How to submit A level Science practical endorsement grades
How to submit A level Science practical endorsement grades
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I hope you found this update useful. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information on this process.

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