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Leadership Skills (STEM) qualification withdrawals

30 June 2015

We'd like to remind centres that the final registration date for the Leadership Skills (STEM) qualifications is 31 August 2015.

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These qualifications will no longer be available for new starts after this date. Learners registered on the qualifications must be certificated by 31 August 2017. This applies to both of the following qualifications:

  • 600/2378/8 Pearson BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Leadership Skills (QCF)
  • 600/2379/X Pearson BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Leadership Skills (QCF)

Alternative WorkSkills qualifications

There are two qualifications in the core WorkSkills suite that offer identical units, so if you wish to continue with your existing programme, we suggest these instead:

Withdrawn Leadership Skills qualification Alternative WorkSkills qualification
600/2378/8 600/2394/6
600/2379/X 600/2296/6

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