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Changes in WorkSkills qualifications

12 February 2016

This month's update details actions we are taking to help explain future changes in BTEC WorkSkills.

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We are receiving a number of queries in relation to how BTEC WorkSkills will be different from September 2016. Therefore, a frequently asked questions document will be made available. In addition, webinars have been set up to further explain the changes.

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February 2016

A more detailed communication will be sent to all customers giving the exact qualifications that will be impacted by the changes

May 2016

By the start of May 2016 the full specification will be made available to customers to allow for planning prior to September.

June 2016

Launch events will be held to present the new offer to customers. The changes will be fully explained and there will be opportunities for networking. There will be a total of:

  • 5 face-to-face events
  • 2 online events.

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