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T Levels August 2023 Update

Sat Jul 15 23:00:00 UTC 2023

Welcome to the August T Level Update.

We send updates monthly to all those who have signed up, however, we are aware some tutors and staff have not yet done so, could you please encourage all those engaged in the delivery and administration of T Levels to sign up for updates.

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T Levels

Pearson are responsible for delivering the two components (Core Component and Occupational Specialist Component) of the Technical Qualification for the T Level in Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction, the T Level in Digital Production, Design and Development, the T Level in Accounting and the T Level in Finance. The Technical Qualification is one element of the T Level. The Department for Education (DfE) are responsible for the Industry Placement.

As part of our responsibility for these components Pearson also deliver assessment and results for the following components:

  • Core Component (which consists of the Core Examination and Employer Set Project)
  • Occupational Specialism.

Pearson will send component results to Providers on the 16 August 2023 via the Edexcel Online mailbox. This will consist of a Statement of Results (1 PDF per student) and a broadsheet of results for all students at the centre across all Technical Qualification components. The release of these component results to students are embargoed until 17 August 2023. Component results are not the same as overall T Level Results information, which will be provided by the DfE through the Manage T Level Results Service.

Pearson also will transfer all component results to the DfE, who are responsible for the following elements:

  • Aggregating and issuing the overall T Level grade (this includes results from the two Technical Qualification components and the completion of the Industry Placement)
  • Issuing T Level Certificates and Statements of Achievement
  • Transfer of T Level grades to UCAS

For more information on these areas, please check out the DfE’s T Levels support for schools and colleges pages on gov.uk or contact the DfE.

If you have queries specifically relating to the Manage T Level Results Service, please contact tlevel.resultsandcertification@education.gov.uk.


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