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T Level September 2020 Update

1 September 2020
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Welcome back to the new term and welcome to all of our new 2022 providers.

As you know the first delivery of T Levels has commenced, which we are very excited about. We have already received photos of students carrying out practical tasks - which is fantastic... please keep them coming.

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All support materials can be found on the Course Materials tab on our Technical Qualification webpage.

From here you can filter by category to narrow your search down to find the specification and SAMs, teaching and learning materials, Provider Approval forms, Key Dates schedule, Fees List etc.  

Teaching and Learning Materials

Delivery Packs for the Core Component have been published for both Construction and Digital. The occupational Specialism packs will be published later this term. However, we will circulate draft versions to 2020 Providers mid-October. As you know, we prioritised the Delivery Packs for the Core Component, as following consultation with our Provider Panel they suggested the Core would be taught first and would rather have these materials ahead of the Occupational Specialism.

Key Dates Schedule

We will soon be publishing our Key Dates Schedule for the Technical Qualification. This will be published annually and provides your centre with the key dates. Please make sure Tutors and Exam Officers are aware of this document.

Network Events

This is a Q&A session led by the Subject Advisor and the Sector Manager. The session will not follow a set agenda or format, although we will have prepared some discussion topics to get the session going; instead they are intended to be an opportunity for Technical Qualification tutors to bring their questions into an open forum. You will be able to ask us questions and seek clarification on the content and assessment of the Technical Qualification. You will also have the opportunity to share your ideas, ask for help/suggestions from other providers so you can pick up some practical tools and advice to take back into your classroom. All of our Provider Training is available to view and book via the teaching support and training lozenge on the Technical Qualification webpage.

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Filter the search by 'T Level' to find training events for the Technical Qualification. New for September are our Q&A Network Events, these will run each half term.

  • Construction - 23rd September 2020, 4:00 - 5:00pm
  • Digital - 24th September 2020, 4:00 - 5:00pm

These Q&A networks will take place on the Zoom platform. The sign in information to the above Zoom sessions are as follows:

  • Construction: Meeting ID: 957 3783 616 Password: welcome1
  • Digital: Meeting ID: 920 1368 1178 Password: welcome1

Engagement Hub

Our training archive is available via the 'engagement hub'. Here you'll find recordings of webinars and training events. Plus, there are a number of short information videos to support you in administering the Technical Qualification:

  • Assessment Scheduling (for both the ESP and the Occupational Specialism/s)
  • Provider Approval
  • Assessment, results and resits
  • Key Dates Schedule

Further videos will be rolled out over the Autumn and Winter Terms and include topics such as 'Making Registrations and Entries', Exam Wizard' and 'Results Plus'.

Student Registrations

2020 Providers are now able to make students registrations onto the Technical Qualification. Please see the Key Dates Schedule for the full list of dates for registrations and entries. The manual process for registrations will end on the 30 September 2020 when we launch our online registrations system. We will upload guidance for the new process into the engagement hub shortly.

All the best,
The Pearson T Levels Team


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