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T Level June 2020 Update

1 June 2020
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Welcome to our June T Levels bulletin.

We hope this E-Bulletin finds you safe and well. As we wrote in our last E-Bulletin, we have a number of training events planned for this summer to support 2020 Providers in Getting to Know the Specification, and Getting Started: Ways to Teach and Assess. Our next set of events are detailed below

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We are prioritising 2020 Providers for events taking place this summer. However, these events will run again to support those of you embarking on T Levels in later waves, and they will be recorded so anyone will be able to access them as and when they want. 

Getting Started: Ways to Teach and Assess

We will also be running a Getting Started event for both Construction and Digital for 2020 Providers. The event will be split into four parts, A, B, C and D each will be 2 hours in duration - please ensure you attend all four parts. If you are unable to attend one of the parts it will be recorded.

This course will guide you on how to practically deliver the Specification, with a focus on planning your Technical Qualification delivery. Plus, how the Specification aligns to the SAMs so you better understand the assessments for the Core and Occupational Specialism(s). 



Course objectives

You’ll be provided with a deep dive into the Specification, looking at the content of the Core Component and Occupational Specialism(s), how you might plan to deliver the Technical Qualification over a two year study programme. Our trainer will also take you through the assessment for the Core Component and Occupational Specialism(s), including assessment structure, questions type, the Employer Set Project and the synoptic assessment for the Occupational Specialism(s).  

Technical qualification fees

On 04 June we will be publishing the fees for the Technical Qualifications that Pearson are contracted to deliver:

  • Construction: Design, surveying and planning Digital:
  • Digital production, design and development

The fee for each TQ and a FAQ sheet will be available on our Course Materials page – under Provider Support and Admin. 

Provider approval deadline 30 June

For those of you who are 2020 Providers please DO NOT forget that you need to become an Approved Provider before commencing delivery this September.

The date by which we require your Technical Qualification Approval Form is 30 June 2020.

It is really important that we receive your application by this date so that we can process it in time to ensure that you have the right level of resources and staffing in place to successfully deliver the qualifications in September 2020.

If you have any questions please send these through our service portal.

All the best,
The Pearson T Levels Team


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