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T Level December 2020 Update

1 December 2020
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Welcome to your December E-Bulletin.

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Firstly, thank you to those who attended our recent round of training and network sessions. We’ve received some positive feedback on the sessions, and whilst it’s difficult to fully engage remotely we hope you’ve found them informative and supportive in your planning and delivery. We’ve been particularly impressed with the interaction during the live Q&A sessions – please do use these to share good practice and ask advice from those already delivering. 

For 2020 Providers, we know you are keenly waiting to hear about the adaptations that will take place for summer 2021 Core assessments. These are due to be released shortly, we will send directly to all those on our ESFA 2020 Provider List, plus details will be posted on our website.

Wave 1 T Level Contracts

We have ‘Getting Started’ training taking place in the Spring Term. All the dates and links to register are below. We have broken the training into four parts, each part will be recorded, so if you can’t attend all of them in person, you’ll be able to listen back at your own leisure. Prior to the training, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the specification and, if you didn’t attend our 'Getting to Know the Specification' last month you can listen back to it via our Engagement Hub.



These ½ Termly Q&A sessions with the Sector Manager and Subject Advisor will give you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss with other tutors your experience with delivering the T Level, and share good practice. Details and weblinks to register for our networking events are below.

We have uploaded our draft Delivery Guides for the Occupational Specialist Components to the website. Although they are in draft format, they will give you an idea as to how the materials will look, further amends are likely to be minor editorial and visual amends only.

Registrations have been open since 01 September; please note the standard registration window closed on the 1st November, with late registrations starting on the 2nd November and close on the 23rd December. A support video on how to make registrations and manage student details can be found in the Engagement Hub. Entries for the Core Component Assessments for the Summer 2021 Series will open on 01 January 2021. A support video on how to make entries will be available via the Engagement Hub from 17th December.

Wave 3 T Level Contracts

Following each Milestone Submission to the Institute we will give a Provider Walkthrough to show you how the specifications are shaping up and what the assessments are looking like.

Our Milestone 1 submission is on 01 February 2021 and our walkthrough webinar for Accounting and Finance will take place on 04 February 2021.

This is a final call for our Expressions of Interest from Providers to join our Provider Validation Panel (PVP). This is one of the key parts of our development process – where we ask you to take part in the development and work with us to make sure the Technical Qualification is accessible for your students and manageable for you as a Provider.

To become a member, you must:

  • be intending on delivering either the Accounting and/or Finance in September 2022
  • be experienced in delivering Accounting and/or Finance qualifications/units
  • be able to attend PVP meetings (these will be remote, via teams or zoom) to discuss content, assessment, manageability, resources etc.

Let us know if you want to join the PVP


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