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T Level February 2021 Update

1 February 2021

Welcome to your February E-Bulletin. 

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Firstly, a short update on adaptations for this summer's TQ assessments. We know 2020 Providers are desperate to understand the arrangements for this summer, but unfortunately, we have had no confirmation from the DfE and Ofqual yet.

As you know, Ofqual’s consultation on VTQs closed 29 January. Like you, we are awaiting the results, which should be mid to late February. The results should provide us with an indication as to what TQ assessments will or will not be taking place. Following this, there will be a further consultation to confirm the details. At present, we think it’s fair to say the adaptations set out in our 10 December communication will change, but to what extent and how we don’t know. Therefore, in the meantime all we can advise is to continue the delivery of the content for the TQ. We will of course update you as soon as we know.

Wave 1 Level Contracts - Construction and Digital

We have ‘Getting Started’ training taking place this term. All the dates and links to register are below. We have broken the training into four parts, each part will be recorded, so if you can’t attend all of them in person, you’ll be able to listen back at your own leisure. Prior to the training, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the specification, and if you didn’t attend our 'Getting to Know the Specification' event you can listen back to it via our Engagement Hub. 



These half-termly Q&A sessions with the Sector Manager and Subject Advisor will give you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss with other tutors your experience with delivering the T Level and share good practice. Details and weblinks to register onto our networking events are below.

The Education Training Foundation (ETF) are contracted by the DfE to provide the wider support for T Level delivery and range of development opportunities. We work in collaboration with the ETF to ensure our overall offers complement each other.

If you haven't already taken advantage of the ETF offer or would like to just know more.

Visit the Professional Development website.

Please note the standard and late registration window are now closed. The very late registration window started on 24 December 2020. Entries for Core Component Assessments for the Summer 2021 Series opened on the 01 January 2021 and will close on the 21 February, with late entries starting on the 22 February and closing on the 16 May for Digital and the 09 May Construction. A support video on how to make entries is available via Engagement Hub.

For providers commencing delivery in September 2021, the approval window will open on the 01 April and close on the 31 July 2021. You must gain approval for each Technical Qualification you wish to deliver. To support you, a provider approval video can be found in our Engagement Hub:

All the approval forms and supporting documents can be found in the Course Materials tab (Administration).

We expect some students may wish to switch between T Levels. For example, during year one of delivery, Providers should consider the degree of overlap between the two T Levels (i.e. the original T Level registered onto and the T Level the student wishes to switch to) and the remaining delivery time preinitial assessment of the core component, to determine if transfers should be permitted. Any transfer must happen before a student takes their initial attempt of the Core Component assessments. T Level Core assessments will vary in terms of content coverage, duration, and method, therefore attainment from one T Level cannot count towards another. For funding purposes, it is important students have confirmed their T Level and Occupational Specialism by the end of their first year.

In addition to the resit rules already in place (see TQ Specification). The institute have advised use that resits can take place up until two academic years after the end of the final academic year for the cohort within which the relevant student is included.

Wave 3 T Level Contracts

On 04 February we hosted our first Provider Walkthrough for the Accounting and Finance Technical Qualifications to show how the specifications are shaping up and what the assessments are looking like. If you missed the event you can listen again. 

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All the best,
The Pearson T Levels Team


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