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Local flexibility funding

24 March 2016

We have received confirmation that the qualifications that Pearson had funded for 19+ for 2015/16 have all been approved for the local flexibility offer for 2016/7.  

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This is good news and provides reassurance to centres that the provision that is needed and currently used in their local area will be funded.

We are intending to discuss with the Skills Funding Agency any qualifications that we think should be funded as part of this offer but were not available for 2015/16.

If there are any qualifications that you would find useful for unemployed provision in your area that are not currently funded, then please contact funding@pearson.com with:

  • details of the qualification
  • the employment that this would lead to.

Local flexibility funding also allows for centres to deliver non accredited provision/ units, and there will be further details about this released during April 2016.

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