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Withdrawal of creative and cultural qualifications

Tue Feb 18 16:11:00 UTC 2014

We are withdrawing our creative and cultural work-based learning qualifications. 

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Most of the qualifications will expire on 31 December 2014, with certifications ending 12 months later on 31 December 2015.  

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Until 31 July 2014, the qualifications will remain EDI-branded, but from 1 August 2014, they will be Pearson-branded until they expire on 31 December 2014.

For some years EDI has supported the creative and cultural sector by providing Apprenticeships and standalone qualifications for learners and employers. However, the
take-up of these qualifications has been disappointing.

We will give the sector skills council, Creative & Cultural Skills, every assistance in ensuring a smooth transition to a new awarding organisation. The sector skills council has issued the following statement:

'Creative & Cultural Skills is looking to identify a new awarding body to take ownership of these important qualifications. Pearson will be working closely with Creative & Cultural Skills to enable the qualifications to be moved over to a new awarding body quickly and with minimal disruption.'

If you have any queries about the move to a new awarding body, please contact Creative & Cultural Skills.

If you have any queries regarding the EDI and Pearson creative and cultural qualifications and their expiry dates, please contact us.


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