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Update on Healthcare End-point Assessments

28 April 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to share an update about our Healthcare End Point Assessments (EPAs).

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Following discussions with Ofqual and IfATE, as well as other stakeholders, we are now able to apply discretions to enable learners to complete their observation component remotely. The alternative method (agreed discretion) is not mandatory. The learner retains the option to pause EPA until such time that an onsite practical observation can take place safely. However, applying the discretion will give learners the opportunity to complete their EPA during these unusual circumstances. Learners should agree their assessment method in advance with their employer.

The discretions will apply to the following EPAs: 

The discretions:

Adapted assessment for the observation component, including: 

A Reflective Statement: Learners will have the opportunity to produce a reflective account detailing their practice in relation to the observation criteria over the past 3 months. 

Expert Witness Statement: An expert witness will confirm that the reflective statement is a true and accurate reflection of the learner’s working practice.

30 minute Question & Answer Session: Pearson’s independent end-point assessor (IEA) will ask the learner questions to gather more information and confirm any matters arising from the reflective statement.

See the latest EQA Guidance for all Standards for information. Further detail and guidance will be shared with you via your Business Development Manager in the week beginning 4 May and Pearson will be able to conduct these adapted assessments in the week beginning 11 May.

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. 

We will continue to keep you updated.

Best wishes, 

Cindy Rampersaud
Senior Vice President, BTEC and Apprenticeships

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