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New apprenticeship in Transport and Logistics

Wed Jul 27 10:31:00 UTC 2016

We are pleased to announce a new apprenticeship in Transport and Logistics.

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Transport and Logistics apprenticeship

The following new apprenticeship trailblazers standards and assessment plans have recently been signed off by BIS and approved for delivery:

  • Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) Driver
  • Warehouse Operative
  • Supply Chain Operator

Pearson is looking are a range of products and services to support the delivery of these new apprenticeship frameworks.

We are also working with other trailblazer groups, for example the Express Delivery/Courier

trailblazer group on the development of their standards and assessment plans. If you would like more information on trailblazers in this sector please contact

We will still offer and support the current SASE apprenticeship frameworks whilst the new standards are implemented.

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