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Moving from SEPA to ACE360

Mon Jul 22 11:00:00 UTC 2019

Pearson have been working with FISSS on the ACE360 system trial since early 2019. Our trial of ACE360 was successful and we have found it to be a robust system to use for the future. 

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Starting 5 August to 9 August 2019, we will be moving ALL learners on SEPA to ACE360 through a bulk data transfer. Irrespective of the stage that learners are at, all data will be migrated systematically including any evidence documentation related to EPAs. 

Organisations should register any new learners with ACE360 from now on.

Sign up with ACE360 and initiate your account registration

For more information around this transition please read this communication.
If you have any queries or concerns related to this transition, please get in touch with our Account Specialist team on email or call 0344 576 0045.


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