End-Point Assessment (EPA) update - December 2021

10 December 2021

EPA Flexibilities and EPA Discretions

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With recent announcements from IFATE over the flexibilities and discretions applicable to End-Point Assessments, we would like to draw your attention to what will continue into 2022.

IFATE | Flexibilites Guidance

IFATE | COVID-19 Guidance

The following flexibilities will be retained as options to use beyond 1 January 2022:

  • Observations taking place in simulated environments
  • Remote delivery of assessment (including invigilation)  
  • Pauses being allowed between assessment methods during end-point assessment period 
  • Assessments taking place outside of usual venues 
  • Delivery of assessment methods in any order (when a specified order is in the assessment plan)
  • Exams/tests beinh online instead of on paper (where originally specified as paper-based only)
  • Gateway sign off being done remotely (where originally specified as having to be face to face).

The following flexibilities will not be retained and so switched off on the 31 December 2021:

  • Changes being made to who sits on the EPA interview/discussion panel (when someone in addition to the independent assessor is specified)
  • Allowing other suitable evidence of achievements being used in replacement of functional skills qualifications at gateway (other mandated qualifications are covered under temporary discretions)
  • Extension to the length of the end-point assessment period (where specified)

EPA Discretions:

Standard COVID Dispensation Status 
Adult Care Worker Extended until further notice 
Assessor Coach Not applicable 
Business Administrator Maintain remote assessment 
Children, Young People and Families Practitioner Not applicable 
Customer Service Practitioner Extended until further notice 
Customer Service Specialist Extended until further notice 
Digital Marketer Not applicable 
Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer Extended until further notice 
Healthcare Support Worker Extended until further notice 
Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Extended until further notice 
Large Goods Vehicle Extended until 30 June 2022 
Lead Adult Care Worker Extended until 30 June 2022 
Lead Practitioner in Adult Care Extended until further notice 
Leader in Adult Care Not applicable 
Learning Mentor Extended until 30 June 2022 
Mammography Associate Extended until further notice 
Network Cable Installer Not applicable 
Operations Departmental Manager Maintain remote assessment 
Pharmacy Services Assistant Not applicable 
Pharmacy Technician (Integrated) Not applicable 
Senior Healthcare Support Worker Extended until further notice 
Sporting Excellence Professional Extended until further notice 
Supply Chain Operator Removed on 31 December 2021 
Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Removed on 31 December 2021 
Systems Engineering Not applicable 
Team Leader Supervisor Maintain remote assessment 
Telecoms Field Operative Not applicable 

*Not applicable denotes no discretion was applied

Where a discretion has been removed, and an apprentice is due to be assessed from 1 January 2022, they will be assessed against the original end-point assessment plan.

Any end-point assessments that begin prior to the end of December 2021 but are completed in January 2022 can continue to make use of the temporary COVID-19 discretion.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to email epadelivery@pearson.com 

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