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End-Point Assessment (EPA) update - May 2023

An update on everything new within End-Point Assesments (EPA). 

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Notification of change to the general rules of guidance for End Point Assessment Qualifications.

Changes include:

The document was republished on 26 April 2023 to introduce new or amended guidance following consultation. The following sections of the guidance have been amended:

  • Note on terminology
  • Guidance on Condition C2 (Arrangements with Centres)
  • Guidance on Condition E3 (Publication of a qualification specification)
  • Guidance on Condition H1 (Marking the assessment) The following sections of the guidance are new: Page 4
  • Guidance on Condition EPA1 (Compliance with Assessment Plans) (replacing and expanding upon the original ‘Guidance on Condition D1 Fitness for purpose of qualifications, Condition E4 Ensuring an assessment is fit for purpose and can be delivered, and Condition G1 Setting the assessment’)
  • Guidance on Condition C1 (Arrangements with third parties)

The full notification document can be found here: 

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