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Develop in-demand skills for the future with Learning Hub

1 May 2020

We will soon be posting videos on our social channels from our BTEC ambassadors, encouraging your learners to take advantage of the workplace skills and behaviours courses available.

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Pearson Learning Hub provides bite-sized interactive tutorials which will teach them subjects, which are not curriculum or qualification specific, but which give them the skills they need for the future. Covering areas such as problem-solving and decision-makingresilience and adaptabilityself-management and more. All of this can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

We wanted to inform you of our introductory offer to subscribe to 2 workplace skills behaviour courses for 4 weeks for your learners to access these skills resources. Once you have interest from at least 5 learners, you can complete the form below and a member of our sales team will be in touch to get your learners started. 

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