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Annual Apprenticeship Conference 2019

11 March 2019

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Pearson are proud sponsors of the Annual Apprenticeship Conference 2019, taking place from 27-28 March.

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We will be hosting a range of workshop sessions on key topics during this year's AAC and look forward to seeing you there. You can also visit stand A34 during the exhibition times for a friendly chat with one of our team or pick up a brochure. 

Our workshops:

Start as you mean to go on: lessons learned from moving onto the apprenticeship standards

Wednesday 27 March: 2:30 - 3:15pm
The brave new world of apprenticeship standards brings with it more than just the switch to end-point assessment. From understanding new roles (skills coaches rather than assessors) to time spent on new system challenges (tracking on-programme delivery milestones), moving to standards means planning differently from the get-go. Whether you’ve already started – or you’re looking to make the change – come and hear from apprenticeship providers who can talk about their experiences, helping you make sense of the changes and share some innovative ideas for great delivery.

Meeting the challenge of lifelong learning: short courses - flexible delivery

Wednesday 27 March: 3:25 - 4:10pm
We know technology and automation are accelerating the rate of change in the jobs market. In the next 13 months, experts predict average human knowledge will double. In the next 24 hours, global knowledge will also double – twice.

That’s why adult education is vital to support career development and growth at an individual, community and national level. Come and meet colleges and training providers who’ve met this challenge head on with creative approaches to short courses and flexible delivery of Functional Skills. This is your time to share ideas and enrich FE’s long heritage of supporting adults in lifelong learning.

20%-off-the-job: flexible technology solutions for creative teaching and learning

Thursday 28 March: 3:25pm - 4:10pm
20% off-the-job gives apprentices the freedom to learn new knowledge, skills and behaviours they can bring back into the workplace – but where are the tools and tips to help them make the most of that time? We’ve worked with digital experts on flexible modules of “anytime-anywhere” learning content tailored for use during 20%-off-the-job time. Come and talk to the development team – and get hands-on with how it works in practice.

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