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International GCSE in French Unit 3: Speaking

18 January 2014

The latest International GCSE specification in French requires all candidates to undertake a speaking examination, so we advise that you read the following. 

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Please see the FAQ about the picture-based discussion task in the International GCSE and Edexcel Certificates overview (posted in July 2013).

Similarly, please read the International GCSE French Teacher's Handbook, which you'll find in the course materials and which also offers guidance on preparing students for the oral.

We're drawing your attention to this because we anticipate that previous practice in some schools, which offered the optional oral examination from the legacy International GCSE, may not reflect the approach required for this qualification.

Students must not practise their picture-based discussions with a teacher or teaching assistant at their school if using the same picture that has been chosen for their examination. They may, however, use a different picture for general preparation and to become more familiar with the nature of this task type.

Discussions must develop in a ‘natural way’ rather than as a series of non-sequential questions.


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