International GCSE English Language A: Amends to the Coursework Component for First Teaching September 2022

Following recent research around our International GCSE English Language A qualification, we are delighted to announce some changes to the coursework, Component 3 (4EA1_03) for first teaching from September 2022.

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We consulted with teachers and found the area most in need of addressing was Assignment A: Poetry and prose texts. Our research showed there were issues with the commentary and that it was unpopular amongst students and teachers. As a result, we have amended the structure of the essay, maintaining the total number of marks, but broadening the texts that candidates write about and removing the commentary. We hope this will be more engaging for students and teachers.

The table below shows the changes to Assignment A for first teaching from September 2022 and first assessment in May/June 2024:

Current structure Revised structure
One 24-mark essay question based on any two poetry or prose texts from Part 2 of the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE English Anthology. One 30-mark essay question based on any three poetry or prose texts from Part 2 of the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE English Anthology.
One 6-mark commentary on why these texts were selected No commentary

These amends have also allowed us to carry out work to refine the mark scheme and make marking clearer by providing separate marking grids for assessment objectives 1 and 2 with skills descriptors for each. 

To ensure the exam Component 2 (4EA1_02) remains aligned to the coursework Component 3 (4EA1_03) we will make the same changes to the mark scheme for 4EA1_02.

We will be in touch shortly to share the revised mark schemes and provide further support.

If you have any questions about the changes, please get in touch with Clare Haviland, our English Subject Advisor.

Are students required to compare the three texts?

No, comparison is not awarded on this component. As under the existing structure, students may write about the three texts together with points in relation to their essay title.


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