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New video tutorials for Pearson Progress users

24 March 2022

Pearson has responded to the growing requirement for digital programme management that the pandemic has brought about, and as ever more international centres adopt Progress, we are delighted to announce that Pearson Progress now supports BTEC qualifications at all levels across the international vocational suite.

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Pearson Progress is a complementary assessment and workflow management system for BTEC. It is designed for centres and learners with the aim of making the BTEC journey as smooth as possible. The platform simplifies all stages of BTEC, from course creation to completion. Administration time is greatly reduced, allowing you to focus on other areas of your role. We anticipate that Pearson Progress will become our default system for assessment and verification in the future.

We've just added 10 short video tutorials to the Pearson support portal to walk progress users through key activities and platform features, from setting up BTEC courses and assessments, to annotating learner work on screen, and transferring work, feedback and grades if learners change courses part way through. The videos include topics for progress managers, teachers and learners. 

Please look out for further videos in the coming weeks, and if your centre is using Pearson Progress, why not email us your thoughts on additional features or tasks that you would like us to cover.

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