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BTEC International Approach to Adaptation to Delivery and Assessment in 2021-2022

4 December 2020

Following discussions with Ofqual and the Department for Education, we are now able to give you a further update on our adaptation approach for vocational assessments in the 2020/21 academic year.

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Below is a summary of the adaptations permitted for BTEC qualifications in the UK and internationally to include the level 2 international provision.


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In order to mitigate against future disruptions to assessment delivery, we ask that centres ‘bank' learners’ internal assessment grades within EOL throughout course delivery (using the ‘Interim claim’ function), rather than waiting to submit grades at the end of the academic year.

To support the above adaptations, we are encouraging centres to teach and assess all mandatory content first, working towards completing as many assessments as possible. Please refer to our teaching and learning guides on our 2020/21 for further guidance.

Teaching and assessment support 2020 / 2021

We are currently working with Ofqual and the Department for Education on contingency arrangements to further mitigate the impact of any increased disruptions and will let you know about these as soon as decisions are made.

Update on BTEC Quality Assurance 

We’re planning to start releasing Standards Verifier allocations within the next two weeks and you should hear from your Standards Verifier shortly afterwards. We want you to feel supported this year, more than ever, so we’ve developed specific guidance for our international customers: 

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These guidance documents include all the information you need to successfully deliver your BTEC programmes this year. 

Reminder – Please ‘bank’ internally assessed grades as you go along using the interim claims method. This enables us to have visibility of how your assessment is progressing this year and is a key mitigation should you not have access to assessment information in the event that you need to work from home at short notice due to COVID-19.

As always, please contact us via email if you have any questions and a member of the team will be happy to help.

Thank you for your continued support and patience, we will continue to keep you updated.


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