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Update on resits for legacy GCSE, AS and A levels

13 July 2016

On 24 March we let you know that Ofqual had confirmed there will be additional opportunities to resit the legacy qualifications.

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Summary of the Ofqual decisions

  1. Students taking legacy AS and A levels may have the opportunity to re-sit these qualifications after the final scheduled award, regardless of the subject. These resits will be in May or June of the following year.

  2. At GCSE exam boards will provide:

    two re-sit opportunities in relation to legacy GCSEs in English, English language and mathematics (including linked pair maths GCSEs – ‘applications of mathematics’ and ‘methods in mathematics’), one in November 2016 and one in summer 2017

    a re-sit opportunity, no later than summer 2018, in all GCSE science and additional science qualifications they currently offer. Exam boards may decide to offer a re-sit opportunity in the extension units that make up GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics - this is not a requirement.

  3. At GCSE Ofqual will also allow, but not require, exam boards to offer a single re-sit opportunity in the year following the last scheduled sitting in any other legacy GCSE subject.

  4. There will be restrictions on who can take both the GCSE and AS and A level resits.

What does this mean for Pearson Edexcel qualifications?

Please see our FAQs below for details of how this announcement affects Pearson Edexcel qualifications. To keep up to date with the latest news follow us on twitter @edexcel or sign up to receive email updates.

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