Post-19 funding update | Pearson qualifications

Post-19 funding update

29 July 2015

Some of our qualifications were missed off the latest SFA list of qualifications approved for post-19 funding, but have now been added.

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Following the SFA announcement on 1 July 2015 about the qualifications approved for post-19 funding in the last quarterly submission window, we submitted appeals for some of our qualifications which had been missed off the list.

We've now received confirmation from the SFA that these qualifications have been added to the list and will be approved for funding in 2014/15 and 2015/16.

This list gives full details of the Pearson qualifications that have most recently been approved for funding.

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For the full list of qualifications approved by the SFA for funding, see the 2014/15 SFA funding catalogue, and the 2015/16 funding catalogue.



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