Pearson statement on government Lifetime Skills Guarantee announcement

29 September 2020

Commenting on the government's announcement today on reforms to adult skills and lifelong learning, Cindy Rampersaud, Senior Vice President of BTECs and Apprenticeships at Pearson UK, said:

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"We welcome the government's renewed focus on adult education and recognition of the importance of lifelong learning and career-focused qualifications.  Lifelong learning is more important than ever, as new industries emerge, and existing businesses change in response to our changing world including a continued shift to the digital economy.  Continuing to upskill throughout our lives is critical to supporting growth at an individual, community and national level. Flexibility, underpinned by a modular approach will be key to supporting both access and progression for many.''

Please find â€˜Preparing learners for the jobs of the future post pandemic’, written by Cindy Rampersaud and published by FE News on 21st September.


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