Our legacy ELC, GCSE, AS and A level legacy qualifications are being archived

16 November 2018

We are doing some work on our website to remove pages that relate to specifications across ELC, GCSE, AS and A level that have had their final assessment window.

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For GCSE, AS and A level, these are for qualifications that were accredited between 2008 and 2011. We are doing this to ensure that:

  • finding information on the current specification is more straightforward
  • our website is only hosting relevant pages and documents, thereby improving performance
  • there's no potential for the wrong specification to be delivered by a centre.

All past exam materials (past papers, mark schemes and examiner reports) related to these legacy qualifications will still be available in the Past Paper Search section of the website for revision purposes, but everything else will be removed. We are aware that some A level subjects still have resit possibilities in 2019 (Maths, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Music Technology), so we'll not be removing these until after the 2019 series.

We are letting you know so you have the opportunity to download any documents you might want access for these legacy qualifications before the 30 November, when we will start archiving these web pages.

The subjects affected are listed in the spreadsheet below.

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