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Read Our New Paper - Holding Back the Talent What's Next for Level 3?

28 April 2022

Read Our New Paper - 'Holding Back the Talent – What's Next for Level 3?'

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We are pleased to announce the publication of ‘Holding Back the Talent – What Next for Level 3?’ published by HEPI and sponsored by Pearson. This powerful collection of essays throws into sharp focus the potential impact of the DfE’s qualification reform of Level 3 in England and potential unintended consequences of defunding BTEC and Applied General type qualifications.

While the Government has confirmed that many Applied General qualifications can continue to play a role in the Level 3 landscape, with ‘significantly less than half’ defunded there are still many unknowns. The Rt Hon. David Willetts highlights in his foreword concerns about ‘which qualifications will survive and how many students will be able to study them’ when the reforms are complete.

Collectively, the chapters argue that England risks closing off a useful and proven route for students from a wide range of backgrounds, including those hoping to reach higher education.

Contributors include Mary Curnock Cook (Pearson), John Cope (UCAS), Salsabil Elmegri (NUS), Sarah Freedman & Sarah Taunton (Ark), Professor Grame Atherton (NEON), Steve Wallis (NCG), Johnny Rich (Push & Engineering Professors’ Council), and Professor David Phoenix (LSBU Group).


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